Geeks Who Drink: QuizMaster

In addition to being a meteorologist, Pat is also a QuizMaster with Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz at Stonecloud Brewing Company Monday nights at 7pm!

Geeks Who Drink is a homegrown Pub Trivia Quiz modeled after those in Ireland and the UK. Geeks Who Drink hosts pub quiz at a number of different venues all across the US each day of the week, so if you want to play, check out their website (button below) to find the one closest to you!

Greater Oklahoma City Tourism Ambassador

Oklahoma City is no longer a “flyover” state! OKC is really taking off, with new attractions, restaurants, breweries, and other experiences taking shape every day! When people visit OKC, they are naturally surprised by everything we have to offer!

When Pat was on the frontlines of tourism as the Coordinator of External Relations for the National Weather Center, it naturally made sense for him to join a network of tourism ambassadors to promote all of the great things about OKC!

Pat is a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) for Edmond, Oklahoma City, and Norman with the Greater Oklahoma City Certified Tour Ambassadors (OKC CTAs). Their mission is to unite front-line tourism representatives not only to serve current visitors, but also to prepare for the future. The program demonstrates the dedication to promoting their destination as one of the best, with a high level of commitment to our visitors.

Pat has extensive knowledge about lots of different kinds of experiences in the Greater OKC area, so if you are looking for recommendations, feel free to reach out to him!